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For example, imagine you run marketing for a healthcare clinic. You might be running multiple campaigns at once:. Insights like this can help you streamline your marketing to focus on the most effective advertising channels. Many people have robust analytics systems to measure how many people visit their website.

Website Call Tracking Made Easy

Call tracking can help you figure out what campaigns are working and which ones are falling flat. Sometimes our gut feelings are wrong. Call tracking allows you to correctly attribute your leads and phone calls to their sources. Call tracking can help you accurately prove ROI to yourself, your investors, and your boss.

Dynamic Numbers | Delacon Advanced Call Tracking Solutions

Call tracking allows you to figure out which landing pages and which efforts are converting, which allows you to reduce wasteful spending. The call tracking technology that comes with our vanity numbers allows you to identify every lead your business generates and follow it back to the source, giving credit to your most effective marketing channels.

Call Analytics Without the Hassle or Cost

Unlike more complex and expensive marketing tracking methods, with vanity numbers you have no hardware or software to install. Our web-based application will be up and running in minutes, giving your marketing team immediate access to the lead generation data they need to make better decisions.

You can manage every aspect of your inbound calls with the Total Call Management system, which holds benefits for all business areas. Get started in minutes! Global availability Choose tracking numbers from over 70 countries, including Europe, South America and Australia.

Product – CallTrack

Local or Toll Free Numbers. Dynamic or Static Placement.

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