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Beware how you use such applications, and we are not responsible for it. If you are looking for the simple apps, the TheTruthSpy would be better for you. It is one of the great apps that is compatible with Android users. TheTruthSpy offers you to listen to the conversation secretly from anywhere. Want to record the conversation? You should download the particular application and then install it after that set a PIN.

Moreover, after that, you should put the phone in the silent mode and hide it where you want to supervise. Send the message to the phone, and it will call you back instantly. Save your business details, trade secret and kids from the Free Phone Tracker. It is one of the popular apps that offers a layer of security, affordability, and efficiency against the dangerous threats in the internet world.

Now it is possible to supervise on the children without informing them. The app allows parents to track the unnecessary things like browsing history , chat activities and adult games. Thus, it would be better to buy the premium features of such app that is available in the cheaper worth. If you are looking for the professional, then such things would be better for that are offering parental control.

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It enables you to supervise the activity of children without informing them. You can protect future of your children with this top-rated application from cybercrime and online predators, etc. There are thousands of different applications available in which automatic call recorder is one of the most popular. It enables you to record the call anywhere and offers premium features as well. Or only display the top ten emails. Email Viewer Protection : Set password for email viewer and only the authorized users can view the recorded emails. Bonus Features : Record MSN chats, visited websites with title and record file transfer including upload and download.

Start to monitor and record web activities Now! SurveilStar Email Recording - gives you the best free solution you need to spy emails sent or received by your employees, spouse, and kids!

SurveilStar Email Recording is free email monitoring software which can record incoming and out-going emails , backup and filter email attachments. Read more Free and powerful E-mail recorder and monitor, protect your kids and safeguard your company in a stealthy way Who needs this free email monitoring software?

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Parents concerned about what their children send by email, who they communicate with, and whether online predators are trying to cheat your kids. Spouses concerned about whom their beloved ones are contacting with. Employers concerned about whether their staff are using email properly and whether they leak business plans, commercial secrets or intellectual property. The app you are thinking to buy should be compatible with the phone you are thinking to spy on. It is very important that you pay attention to this.

The app you are considering to get has to be compatible with the phone you want to install it on. These details are normally available on the website.

Your security and privacy are our top priority

When you wish to use an app that has advanced features such as surround recording feature or keylogging, see that the app you are considering to buy is easy to use. There is no point of getting an app which is too technical and complicated for you to understand. It should also be easy for you to navigate through the app. Some apps offer free trials or demo version as well so that you can test the interface and see whether you are comfortable using the interface.

So the app you buy must work in stealth mode. Look for the apps that work in hidden mode and the user of the target phone cannot detect them.

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  7. The spy apps that work under some code names are easy to detect. Therefore, always go for an app that has proven to work stealthily in the background. It is important that the company you choose offers efficient customer service and technical support. Reason for that is if you face any kind of problem or issue while installing or using the app, the customer support team can help you with it.

    With an informed and efficient customer service, the users can get instant help whenever they need. So, the app you are considering to get must have a responsive and helpful customer service. See Also: Top 10 Best Spying apps. Home Top 10 Surround Recording Apps. The Top 10 Surround Recording Apps of This Year Your child may be hanging out with a reckless crowd of kids or getting bullied by some of his classmates, and you have no idea. Read on below to know in detail about the top 10 surround recording apps so you can make an informed decision easily: 1.

    Other Features: Here are some other features of the Xnspy: Monitor text messages and phone calls Access chats from instant messengers Remotely control the target device Track location through GPS Monitor social media activity Access emails, photos, and videos Set alerts on certain words and locations Access web browsing history Pros: Xnspy has an easy and convenient user interface. The app also keeps track of the Wi-Fi connections the target phone is connected to.

    If the target user deletes a call log or text message, and as long as Xnspy has created a backup of it, you will still be able to access that deleted data. Cons The app does not support desktop monitoring. Price: Xnspy offers its users with two editions. Compatibility: Xnspy is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Rating 9.

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    Buy Now. Flexispy: When it comes to surround recording, Flexispy is another popular choice. Other Features: Following are some other features of the app: Monitor text messages and phone calls Monitor text messages View the installed apps on the target phone Access the contacts list Check the web browsing history Track the GPS location of the phone Monitor incoming and outgoing calls Record keystrokes Monitor the conversations on Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Skype, Viber, and Kik Pros: Flexispy offers a free demo account.

    The app offers an active technical support in the form of email, live chat, and phone. You can also take pictures and record secretly without touching the target device. The app sends you instant alerts when any changes occur on the phone. You can also save browser bookmarks and monitor the web-browsing. Cons Flexispy is expensive compared to other monitoring apps available. The app does not support contact or website blocking from the smartphone. Some of the advanced features of the app require root access.

    Flexispy requires some initial configuration. Flexispy only works on jailbroken devices. Price: There are two editions of Flexispy. Compatibility: Flexispy supports both Android and iOS devices but the device requires a jailbreak for installation. MobiStealth: MobiStealth is a smart spying app designed to monitor phone activity in a very discreet manner. Other Features: Listed below are some more features of the app: View messages and calls Track phone location Record calls and surroundings Access email of the target phone user Record keystrokes Take screenshots Monitor social media chats Pros: The app offers good compatibility and works with non-Jailbreak iOS devices.

    The app has a day money back guarantee. You can view photos that are taken with the camera. You can also block certain apps and websites you think are not appropriate. Cons MobiStealth is an expensive monitoring app. The app does not offer a free trial to the users.

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    The phone requires root in order to use certain features. Price: For Android, MobiStealth offers two versions.

    Surround Listening Spy App to Listen Surroundings in Real-time

    Compatibility: MobiStealth is compatible with both Android and iPhone. Rating 8. TheTruthSpy: Because of the variety of features, this mobile spying app offers, TheTruthSpy makes it to our top 10 list.